How To Sell Your Land

A simple video to show how the process works selling your land to Poparlo. We will turn your land in to a valuable asset that can be sold and the windfall spent enjoying time with your family. Take the grand kids for a once in a life time trip to Disney Land, spend the winter […]
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Tax Implications Selling Land

The demand for new homes is greater than ever and many homeowners with large gardens consider selling part of their garden to property developers or building a house themselves. We are often asked about the tax implications of this… When you sell your only or main home any profit on the sale is generally exempt […]
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Selling Part Of Your Garden

With a shortage of housing, land is an increasingly valuable commodity. We are seeing a rise in people with large gardens or pieces of land looking to develop another property on the site. Either building an additional property themselves as a business venture; or selling to a third party who will effectively build one or […]
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THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE: How to sell your land and get best value

If you have a site that you think might be suitable for a new housing development, you might consider selling to realise that value – but that might not be as simple as it sounds. In this post, we explain how you can go about it. There are three main ways you can approach selling […]
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